Welcome to Magura

The most picturesque village in Piatra Craiului National Park

Comfortable rooms

Our hotel is newly built in 2015 and welcomes you with all the modern requirements of a deluxe accomodation, while keeping a charming atmosphere with rustic and alpine influences.

Fantastic scenery

In Magura there is always something to amaze the eyes and soothe the soul. No matter what season, from spring to winter, you will be charmed by the beauty of Magura. Don't forget your camera!

Outdoor activities

There is plenty to do outside, in and around Magura: hiking on scenic routes, riding on bike trails, meditating in nature, discovering countless species of plants and animals, and many more.

The Place

Samedru is a two-in-one resort, with both a comfortable hotel and a wonderful restaurant. The two buildings are located side by side, facing the entire valley of Magura.

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The Rooms from 130 EUR/night (Half Board)

You'll feel right at home in any of our 16 fully equipped double rooms. Each room has its own bathroom and the hotel also has a large living room with a fireplace. We'll soon be adding a SPA for an even more pleasurable stay!

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The Food

Our restaurant offers a large variety of traditional and local foods, with an accent on natural products which we produce in our kitchen. We buy local dairy, vegetables and other bio ingredients from farmers.

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Your dream vacation

Are you ready to give yourself a truly deserved break?

  • The fire of Samedru

    On the 26th of October on Samedru, throughout the villages of Romania, people celebrate the Old Men Of Autumn, a celebration in the memory of the ancestors who passed away. In the Romanian pantheon, Samedru is an agrarian divinity and an important god. The popular legends show Samedru as an old shepherd. In autumn, a period of symbolic aging of time, is considered that the god dies and comes back to life in a nocturnal ritual called Samedru’s Fire.

  • Discover traditional food

    Romanian cuisine is very varied due to the influence of repeated waves of different cultures with which it has come into contact over the history. It has been greatly influenced by Ottoman, Greek, German and Hungarian cuisine, but it also maintains its own character. What is more important nowadays is the fact that Romania is one of the few countries in Europe where organic fruits and vegetables are widely available at farmers’ markets at affordable prices.

  • Spectacular photo tours

    The scenic walk from Magura to Pestera and back is a wonderful chance to spend time with your family in the spectacular Piatra Craiului National Park. Take a photo tour for a perfect escape from the city and a memorable trip into a land of rolling hills, panoramic mountain views and traditional villages.

  • Countryside activities

    There is always something to do around the hills of Magura, you only have to walk around to discover special moments. Wildlife watching is our favourite, with a wealth of species to discover in the nearby mountains. On the route you'll probably also encounter sheep and cows. This should not scare you, it's pretty normal.